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Fredrik Angström
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Fredrik Angström Jazz fusion with variety and soul. The Hadron Collider is definitely worth your time.
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released July 14, 2012

Adam Ostland - Vocals, Keyboards
Clif Warren - Bass
Gabriel Alvillar - Turntables
Miguel Romero - Guitar
Steve Fardal - Keyboards
Steve Selby - Sax, Vocals
Travis Manning - Drums, Vocals

Backing Vocals on Pearl Heart, Baby, and 60 BPM by Carol Ayon

Recorded at Rising Sun Studio
Mixed/Mastered at Nasty Cactus Studio
Engineered by Clif Warren and Travis Manning
Produced by The Hadron Collider

Cover photo credit to CERN Laboratories



all rights reserved


The Hadron Collider Las Cruces, New Mexico

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Track Name: Spacetruck
Start with the broke down Winnebago
Wrap it in aluminum baked potato
Pull the bucket seats out of the Camaro
We work through the night right into tomorrow

if you bring it, we can build it tonight
3 days, until we take flight

Chrome mud flaps in the back that say "Fuck It"
We fashion crash helmets out of trash cans and buckets
Xbox, ice box, juke box in it
With a mirror disco ball that we like to keep spinning
Track Name: Echo
You’re playing the game
It’s such a shame that you never came
Always burning the flame
We call your name when we need to blame

Playing the game
Everyday's the same
Many eyes closed
We're right they boast

Mouths open wide
No knowledge inside
Me with a grin
Thinking here we go again

Oh, we all need our makeup
It’s the only way that we know how to live
Please higgs boson won't you tell us why
We all stick together

Round and round the protons go
Electromagnetism flows
We collide what we strive to know
Opening up the wormhole
Time and space and how it folds
They call me daddy that's how it goes
Big bang blowing out my nose
Listen back for my echo
Track Name: Ghost Prison
Not too late
To relocate
A piece of you has already died

Path to escape
You built this cage that we live inside

It's your fate
To demonstrate
I can see you from the other side

You look so entertained
With this life we sustained
While we remain
In this ghost prison
All for capital gain
Awhile we remain
We all try to plan
A fucking prison break

Why you wanna
Go and tell the warden
When got this plan
A fucking prison break
Track Name: Highway Haunter
Awwwwwww Yeah
Girl, you're my girl, girl
Why ya going so fast
Girl, you just gotta slow that thing on down

Stop the car, get two sticks
Twine them together make a crucifix tonight
I'm coming tonight

Headlights are broke, got to get them fixed
So you can see the ghost of route 66 tonight
I'm coming tonight

I'm a highway haunter
I'm a full moon howler
I'm a midnight prowler
I'm the ghost, the ghost of route 66

I'm the freeway phantom
I pick 'em at random
So drive at your own risk
Drive on the route, route 66

I haunt the highway from coast to coast
The one who runs scared I like the most tonight
I'm coming tonight

I'm the bum on 101
Still alive on 65
Smooth sailing on 67
But you're hexed, hexed on route 66

Now honey
Not a damn thing funny
Better keep your money
It won't help you're going tonight
I'm coming tonight
Track Name: Crossed
I can tell by the way that your eye's move over to the left
I said I know when you're lying cuz you always forget to take a breath
I said I can see your fingers crossed behind your back
Your lies are never white when everything around you turns to black

I'm gonna break you
I'm gonna make you
Come clean spill the beans
You know what I mean

I think you know what you got coming tonight
I think you know what you got coming in the night
I think you know

I'm giving you one more chance to get the story right
Well so tell me once again where exactly did you sleep last night
I said I can smell him on you and that's a fact
Well you can laugh you can cry but nobody will deny it's an act
Track Name: Greasy Spoon
Kick over the flap jacks honey
Make sure my eggs aren't runny
If you want to see my money
Keep close with that pot of coffee

Stop laughing it isn’t funny
Golden grahams have a touch of honey
If you want to see my money
Butter my grits mmm that's yummy

If your glass is fast past half full
Better get a smaller cup

Can I get a lump now
Give me two more
I like it sweet
Now give me four more

I wish I could take my picture with ya
To prove that this all really happened
See ya soon at the greasy spoon
We could get a room if you’re in the mood
Track Name: Home
Every time I call you up you never respond
Thinking that you’re there or maybe you’re gone
Amazing that I’m here after all you have done
Licking at the barrel of a smoking gun

Ahhhh never find my way back
Never find my way back
Never find my way back home

If I could, I’d burn you right outta my head
Changed a part of me, wishing that I was dead
Thanks for the all the memories that I don’t need
What a twisted forest from one fucking seed

Ahhhh never find my way back
Never find my way back
Never find my way back home

Here I am
Am I here?
Track Name: Moon Falling
Can't take my eyes off of you
your face is turning blue
expression ringing true
don't let 'em tell you I don't love you

The voices told me to
your face is turning blue
expression ringing true
don't let 'em tell you I don't love you

Moon falling
I hear angels calling

I feel it changing tonight
We need the darkness for light

Moon falling
I hear angels calling
Track Name: Pearl Heart
Get your things together we're leaving tonight
Well they're catching on to us and the eight ball's sunk
There's a town in Arizona that sounds just right
Where the sheriff’s getting old and the deputy's a drunk

I love you baby
You’re my card counting lady
I don't care, yes it's true
If they hang me it'll be next to you

Back track to get the posse off of our trail
Just beyond the valley it's a three day ride
If we get separated I'll see you in Hell
An eternal honeymoon with my infernal bride
Track Name: So Low
It happened to me it could happen to you
The strange things that people do
When their back's up against the wall
One nice thing about it being so low
There's no room to fall

So you fallen asleep while at the wheel
And when you awoke and saw what you killed
And noticed that your cup wasn't filled
One nice thing about it being so low
There's not much to spill

You took for granted
The saving graces you've seen
Should have took it
No second chances given
I went right by you
It came right out of no where

So get on wave and take a ride
Far away from where you reside
Stoke the flame that burns inside
One nice thing about it being so low
I'm not afraid to die
Track Name: Baby
You can wash your hands and try to hide the gun
You can change your clothes but not the things you've done
The cards you hold and the dice you rolled
You can win the pot and still lose your soul
The saddest stories go untold
They say that revenge's best served cold
My new identity's assumed
I still feel cold spots in this room

Baby, it seems worth it to me

Well you burned the witch and you stoned the whore
Your thumb’s turned down the crowd wants more
If there's a God up in the sky
Holding score cards at his side
I'm sure that he would see it my way
You shouldn't live to see another day
My new identity's assumed
With a fake mustache and a discreet room
Track Name: 60 BPM
Well all the people in the green room can I get a hallelujah
Well I said can i get a hallelujah
Amen brother amen praise the lord

I can tell
By the blood beneath your fingernails
You gave a good fight not an easy sale
But that's the way he likes it

Your body tells me
That he's got a disease

Well tell me again
Oh honey please
That’s the way he likes it

Just cuz I’m down doesn't mean that I’m giving up
But I don't think I can get up
I’m dying so cold and so lonely
There’s no tunnel of light like you told me
I’m dying so baby please hold me
I’m dying uh huh
Track Name: Missouri
Take another hit now Jo Jo
Make it last all night
He's playing like he don't know
He's the one who started the fight
Speak clearly in the tape recorder
I can't get the facts right
He want it but he couldn't afford her
So fine she's out of sight

You shouldn't be
Living in Missouri
Out of the show me state

Start another fire Jo Jo
Make it burn all night
He's playing like he don't know
He's the one who started the fight
There's plenty other places you could go
Just to name a few
Tennessee, Kentucky, Idaho, Illinois and Kansas too